Long term, accurate fully self-contained optical dissolved oxygen monitoring

Simple to operate, the rugged low power D-OptoLogger optical dissolved oxygen and  temperature logger allows time-course data to be logged for more accurate assessment of oxygen dynamics, while enduring long field deployments between servicing.

  • Typical power endurance exceeds 30 days for all logging intervals (around 3 months at 15 minute logging interval)
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to deploy
  • Field replaceable 9-volt battery
  • Simple software with data graphing function makes field servicing quick and straightforward
  • Logs dissolved oxygen saturation (%) content (PPM) and temperature
  • Compact, easy to deploy underwater housing
  • Supplied with D-OptoLog software for deployment set-up, data offload and calibration
  • The data is stored on-board in non-volatile memory
  • Data offloaded using simple Windows based software, supplied with the instrument
  • Logger can be set to stop logging when memory is full
“The D-OptoLogger enabled Dr Young and his team to accurately and safely measure dissolved oxygen concentrations every 5 minutes at various sites along each river.” – Dr Roger Young (Cawthron Institute New Zealand), following a survey of the health of 11 large rivers across New Zealand.



  • Dissolved Oxygen: 1% of measurement or 0.02ppm (whichever is greater)
  • Temperature: +/- 0.1 Deg C


  • DO Saturation: 0.01%
  • DO Content: 0.001 PPM
  • Temperature: 0.01 Deg C


  • Logger memory: Non-volatile, 10080 data records
  • Logged record: Time, date, DO% and DO PPM


  • Size: 48mm diameter x 200mm long
  • Depth rating: 30 metres
  • Bio-fouling control: Copper guard around sensor window


  • Battery: 2 x 9 volt alkaline (PP9)
  • Battery endurance: Around 3 months at 15 minute logging interval, DO PPM, Temperature Deg C


D-OptoLog supplied at no charge

Ordering Information

D-02 D-Opto Logger includes;

  • Communications cable, O-ring kit, PC software, manual and battery.

D-Opto Logger